There once existed a pronoun from Middle English that had dual status. It was the word ink. It has obviously, slowly been eroded away from our modern diction, but if it was still in use today, it would add an interesting, compact, and economical way of referring to two people. Examples:

Corrected Modern English: What do ink think?

Modern English: What do you two think?

Early Modern English: What think ye two?

Late Middle English: What thenken ye twa?

Early Middle English: What thenken ink?

Late Old English: Hwæt þencan git? (git is the nominative form of inc)

Early Old English:  Saxon Futhorc Here

Common Germanic: Hwat þankijaþiz jut?

Proto-Indo-European (hyp.): Kwód tengetés yuh?


~ by Shawn M. Young on July 13, 2013.

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