The Incalculably Odd Events of Gregor Matthaeus and Reginald (paragraph 1 as a poem)

Gregor Matthaeus sat on the Davenport

in what was once his parent’s living room,

dressed as if he were Edward VIII

right down to the bowler hat, and wingtip shoes.

He clutched in his left hand his most prized possession:

a black and silver umbrella,

or as he had learned  from his dearest

and oldest friend, Reginald

it could also be called

a brolly,

a parapluie,

a rainshade,

a sunshade,

a gamp,

an umbrolly,


his personal favorite,


Davenport, he chuckled…

what a silly,

stupid word.

It’s a couch, he thought.

He was correct. It was a silly and stupid word,

and because there existed a much better word,

in his opinion,

he had difficulty accepting that “davenport” was in fact correct.

But because of his English ancestry,

his partial English upbringing,

and the fact that his parents never

let go of England,

even though Gregor and his house lived in America,

it was, and will

forever be a Davenport.


~ by Shawn M. Young on June 18, 2014.

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