Happy National Poetry Month. Remember what Eliot said about April…

Oh, and here’s a poem about spring:




I must watch the rain,

I must read its errors,

take in its essence,

amuse at its movement,

switch with the trees,

burrowed inside and warm,

while it labors outside.

I stay dry and experience

its use and form, like

a new poem; fresh like

print, clean and brilliant,

a necessary practice in

rebirth and new life.


It’s holy; it’s a religion;

spirit of life, cleansed

by nature; floating in rain,

wet with contentment,

praised by the moon,

enraptured by its peace,

sanctified by scent;

relief comes

with such abatement;

entrust the bounty of spring,

as one you live today.



~ by Shawn M. Young on April 1, 2016.

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