April’s Snow

Prince was a pioneer and a talented artist. This poem is for him.

I started working,
I got lost,
like too much to drink,
like memories that don’t hurt,
like that one time… it’s
never that one time long enough,
is it?

It isn’t.

A creamsicle,
a purple rain, a red corvette,
a dramatic entry, a new love, no
worry, hunger erased

it’s amazing, what everything
isn’t, especially when it is

fresh dirt, rainy morning,
her lotion on her clean
body, recess in the first grade,
the last time you felt
appreciated, a glass of wine,
a crisp radish, saturated
clouds, a trip to the lake,
clean sheets, her eyes
in the morning sun, clean
elegance; smooth, clean fabric

enough to
make you wonder,

it isn’t ever like that one time,
even when it happens again. Once is
all there ever is; indescribable​

Because snow in April can make
you feel so, so sad.


~ by Shawn M. Young on April 21, 2016.

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