The Irascible

Wrought with enigma, a young leader weeps.

Woe be to her, the angel cries herself to sleep.

Belittled and sarcastic, Postmen anger in the morning light.

Trouble-man and estuary keep us all in identical states.

Poles and transcendence, men of great power share ilk with even youth.

They group at the never and fasten your collar.

Package delivery, even at night, is welcomed and true.

Trim your mustache and smile.

Our paths will cross again.

Let love seal the unity.

Take my hand, and I will warm your steps.

It’s morning, and the birds are all South.

But the work continues, whether you are tall or short.

This, in months, will be new again.

Honey and liquor are our soothers.

The packet is full, and we brought the oars.

She is our breath — lumens.

(Poem Inspired by John Ashbery)


~ by Shawn M. Young on May 20, 2016.

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