As a Superlative

I’m leaving, again,

across the narrow

valley of life, lost

and found; a shill

of a skeleton; mar

and screw; languid

and lachrymose; a

temptation carried

by flooded waters;

grave, sallow trees,

and yellow burden;


a wassail, a jaunt,

a mere hop-to-step,

and the grains of

sand transmute a

once wunderkind

along subdued gray

into a bird’s wing,

a jungle of blue cats,

and a swing set that

reaches a star’s door.


Among light and

dawn we dance in

gratitude — live it

again, and inspire

your heart to wring

the nectar from

king’s crowns and

business casual,

your vision grows

the more you see,

the more which hurts.


Be a superlative; your

dreams are pioneers.


~ by Shawn M. Young on June 7, 2016.

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