Rendered Pictures

Tell me when, my love,

I’ll seal us in, take the

fear away, shower you

in whispers, like gold

foil and sanguine dreams,

a kite flight at night,

and we’re on top of

a shield, a moat, a canyon

between us and them;

a light fox leaping

through a grassy field;

no fear in the world;

a yard filled with laughing

ducks, crisp apples, and

tragic moments; anyone

could care, I know

no one does, but

I will trace your soul

with my finger and

indelibly wrap you

up in time; us, conjugated

like a verb, nothing

irregular about what

we have built here;

we save minutes that

last forever in moments.


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~ by Shawn M. Young on September 26, 2016.

4 Responses to “Rendered Pictures”

  1. Orgasmic Poetry ❤

  2. Comforting lyrics, whispered on the first winds of autumn.

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