Diamond of Ides

The wind blew cold ice in morning,

it was April and I was sixteen, so

angry, so callow; the news bounced

up the stairs from my grandmother,

a voice I won’t forget, and I was

swept afar into made up stories;

years later: a coat of arms burnt

by the sun’s heat; I and he bleeding

and thirsty in the sand, collapsed

together; I know he doesn’t know,

and I’m to going to try sentiment,

but I will carry him with me; eve

comes to pass, nary a far away

moon nor a deep sea fairy shall

cast a stone too far, with my heart

attached, and we will talk again,

even if during a death haze march,

once more into the breach, Dad,

once more and we’ll haul banners

to the Earth’s ends, fueling blood

fountains and castigates with the

fury and fallows of gunpowder

stock and flame pending pounders;

we are unity trapped; forgotten

together and dying together in

a trench at war, so let’s toast to the

gash grandeur, and rush the enemy

while he sleeps; renew life in death,

so you have one more chance,

to live a life you lost for naught,

and I can see your eyes as you smile,

a lit and bright like dreams so sweet.

~ by Shawn M. Young on October 21, 2016.

2 Responses to “Diamond of Ides”

  1. This is superb.

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