Ecliptic Sacraments

We’re all waiting to live,

but we die each moment

that we wait for more; a

catalyst for evidence, we

sway in the breeze of a

sleepy ocean, cutthroat

like a pirate, drunken on

the spiced rum of the blood

of evidence that our ship

still hasn’t sailed, sunken

in the crease of momentary

passive monuments, smell

the salty pleasure, a bonus

to our effervescence, our

lasting call, a flag posted

for threats, for scare, for

more, we wade through

the water, waist deep in

corrupt missives, smelt

and collapsed, the backs

of our enemies fine planks

towards the horizon; we

reach each moment in

a casted sun, burnt by

our fervor and loved by

those in contempt, one

with one, we, too, as one,

and our hammer strong like

our father’s back, carrying

wood each morning; sweaty

and beautiful, like each

moment we breathe each

other in; bounty and treasure,

a sated desire borne of lust.


~ by Shawn M. Young on December 5, 2016.

5 Responses to “Ecliptic Sacraments”

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  2. Powerful!

  3. Brilliant!

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