New Year’s Gaiety

If you don’t know the rules,

make them up;


it’s as hard as a penny,

and cruler than

a old, angry man,


but the purple mountain

glow, never stopped me

from trying,


but it stopped you,



Here’s a rhyming part:


In a light, tripping



I will wince, and

I will wonder,


forever in the sink,

we circle the drain,


stand in false sense,

and shovel our pain.


Back to this:


In wilting time,

I watch from a silly



the _  key on my keyboard

doesn’t work,


but I am contented by

its willingness to

express in silence.


I lied, the “m” key

does work; I would

worry if you wondered.


Take my hand this next

time, and we can fire


our stove with

coal and bunting,


in a passive role,

the dog will play

Richard Burton,


though I am drunker

than him, his clarity


surpasses; even you.


~ by Shawn M. Young on December 31, 2016.

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