Hearty Hearts Effusive and Loud

“Woe to you,” vagrant old-timer,

shame for your ways, where a

bottle of wine suits you more

than a system that hates you;

your body scarred, time bitter

and world weary, grip it close

to your chest, your life will

soon find a star to collapse on,

your heart warm by your will,

strength to conjugate, mankind

forgotten, leather and sour ale,

you’re your own hero, even if

no one sees you rotting in the

street, filled with booze; love

and solace you have, worry

and misery for them; a quarter

is just one step towards more

warmth, to heaven and your

god, held in her hands, you

can recall, blistered and sad,

busty and beautiful, she will

take your heart and mend its

tears, while your concrete bed

may act hard, you know your

freedom is better than a life

with them; drink it all, there

will always be more, life is a

limitless bottle of drink, use it.

~ by Shawn M. Young on January 3, 2017.

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