Bind, Torture, Kill

Motionless and inept, like a dog stuck

inside of a tunnel, with helpless eyes

we watch, with feeble hearts we wait,

and when the sky isn’t falling, it seems

like it always is, but stay away from it,

confuse your senses, when I complete

this life, I can only hope that where I

go next, there will be no politicians or

media to ruin each day and pollute life

with slander and lies, and corruption

and scandal, while we die like stuck

swine, beaten by brown coats, who, at

once, hold us up and push us down, so

we can work harder and die younger,

for nothing ever, and ever, is nothing,

and then the end comes too soon; bushes

grown high, like a spider pedipalps,

reaching the sky’s blues and brushing it

free of pests; let my longing looks be

a death note in your cannon, because

when you wake up at last, your energy

will be released, and truth’s light will

guide you; like cummings, like trust, I

say, “I will not kiss your fucking flag,”

so in the grave I will lay with my back

to your world, smiling rich like a lich


~ by Shawn M. Young on May 18, 2017.

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