Life is Borne of an Explosive

And the boys wore fedoras and smoked fresh

tobacco from their father’s pouches when the

darkness dropped each night in their small towns

and each rolled a fresh cigarette and thought

about Hoovervilles shown in the paper when

each of their mothers baked bread with borrowed

flour and oil instead of buttered love and yeast


but each grainy shot taken through filtered

sepia smattering was only crisp because of

the window that shattered in each of their homes

every time their parents fought and every time

the bottle poured more booze and each time

a cat yowled in the alleyway and the puffs of

smoke swirled above the cabin roof’s peak


and the owl caught new blood steeped in stink

and grim reliance and each boy remembered

last year and each boy remembered each

other in the grandest of light in the grandest

of times in the dawn of their lives in their

hard set heads and with syncopated dreads

they all lie down in the heat of June and wake

later in a line all queued and smiling again


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~ by Shawn M. Young on June 2, 2017.

3 Responses to “Life is Borne of an Explosive”

  1. Stunning!

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