Moonlight, Like Enemies I Never Met

Here’s a bit of riffing I did earlier. Enjoy!


Inside of each moment, a trip through a sick

part of my brain, where the goblins run the

mill, until they’re bathing in their own sickly

puke, I wade along a river of loss, a journey

without any compass or paddle, memories

of each moment I cry, lament for those in a

lapse of reason, alone in dreams, alone in

this sick, but I hold on to the grassy lonesome,

song, each carapace, every granite boat, each

drop of rain, more leaves inside my gutter,

but I never care, and I never cared; I got holes

in all my socks, ingrown toenails, and pasted

teeth, shocking and illiterate, I hate the words

I hear, I hate each gunshot, each blowhard,

moronic and deceitful, I need this rain, so I

can lay in it and die quietly, to clean my pores

and wash my brain, tweak me and reprogram

my heart so that I can feel again and escape,

in a sense, in a since, when before I could

count, and then I felt real and whole and like

a lamb, like a bridge too broke, and I added

graffiti to my face, and I had a hand that held

them, and cared, but since then, no sense, I

can’t make it, I cant make sense without rain,

and I run and run and run, until my legs scream

in pain and I gasp for air, because each dark

closet that I keep my fears inside waits for me

every night, and in a since, I am my own evil

force, my own barking dog, my own sentence,

even if it was spelled wrong, even if I become

crisp and dry, I envy each bird, because I am

stuck to this earth, and even if I jump right now,

I’ll only land where I started, inside each moment,

like a trip and a rip through a sick part of my brain,

where I named every mill goblin, and I grab a

cup to dip, so I can drink the sick and fight again.


~ by Shawn M. Young on June 14, 2017.

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