I Would

If I could tell you,

I would;

if I could hold you,

I would;

I would for you;

in every impasse,
a siren’s call,
and I still stall my light for your sun,
your rift a crescent for my gait,
our motion a shattering piquant,
a lighted moonbeam,
guidance guiding;

I would;

I would for you;

when dancing delight dangles so sweet,
and our rapture’s unsullied by torment,
our hands ensconced as scalemail strength,
bound in blood,
guarded as prison,

I would;

under every cruel punishment,
wrangled and raped and hung like slop,
as birds creep carrion from my corpse,
bleached bounty: a former clarity,
I won’t question the glory,
I stand in the bear forest gluttony,
for you,

I would;

I would.


~ by Shawn M. Young on July 7, 2017.

2 Responses to “I Would”

  1. I would…but I can’t for it is too soon to praise you…for it is too humble my words to think I shall matter to you, but this is tremendous!

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