Penny Full of Grace

here’s to you,

sad matron of men,

sunken eyes of dirt,

castigate of faith,

sugar cube,

stuck in mud,

and after midnight,

in cool treason,

your eyes water with purity,

sanctuary sediment,

muscles unbend,

Protestant heathens,

holding the gavel

of malice and blood,

tasting the night,

like a doll burnt,

carrion comfort,

lapsed in wine,

searing and blinding,

purpose black,

suffer children,

hold it thwart wise,

and desire death,

hope is absent,

in a gutter rat throat,

patches on patches,

monks in brown,

so sing your song,

chant your wretchedness,

and collapse upon us,

in libel waste,

you permit my hand,

but it’s the end in sight,

and the light is dead

Like darker poetry? Here’s my chapbook entitled “Ghosts.”


~ by Shawn M. Young on July 28, 2017.

2 Responses to “Penny Full of Grace”

  1. Amazing work

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