More Than a Shitty Title

I think of your smile, and the wilting

flowers, dancing around in the glass,

succumbing to the sound of pity, to

the sound of disgust, glancing blows

from madness, from cups thrown to

the living room with no catcher, the

rubber you left on the road, a child

until the end, but even I won’t wish

you ill, belittle your best efforts in

the same way you have me, I won’t

be the person you grew into, lifeless

without your god, circumcised life,

coiled in the trash, spat upon, flies

forming, dead fish stink, crashing a

party, thrown into a pool, you see?

That blue room, with the intentions

of greater gods, striped, gall, vases

full of piss water, ashtrays static fly

wasted wandering cantrip waitress

skunking nagging, and I still learned

to swim, I still tread, wallow swine

pig, and your life moved on without

your victims, the tragedy I will not

name, and I will not forgive, never,

your life will burnout, and I’ll lock

the seal, branded with wax, trappings

of ill-will, so enjoy your new world,

child-adult, enjoy your bullshit life,

inactive ion, atom bomb move along,

I got what I could, enjoy the painting


~ by Shawn M. Young on October 3, 2018.

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