Timeworn Ways

for there was love,

which held us tight,

wrapping us taut,

keeping us warm,

love, love, a truest

song, eldest bards,

love song dancing

on our lips, ancient

and beautiful, love

the warmest suit,

the dastardly fiend,

hugging and hitting,

tasting our tears,

and pushing vanity

into the sea, love

the hovering bird,

looking for prey,

consuming, enjoy,

love, angry youth,

mounted warrior,

flail-etched death,

morphing into hate,

as weakness climbs

ivy, the sun burns,

hearts still bleed,

love, an angry, foul,

memory, forgotten

and sunken, lime

tongued prince,

sitting stolid, man

a soldier, salted

sanguine sap, lust

larping, harping,

for greater means,

soaked in reason,

sacrifice sung bland,

all a fucking word


~ by Shawn M. Young on October 19, 2018.

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