It is in This Chasm…

It is in this chasm, the light’s misspelled,

a drunken beam brushes our loneliness,

like a sailor in the vastness of vast seas,

we push among the waves’ darkest blue,

fuel for carrion and teeth for deciduous,

the skunk-sun pisses rainbows from high,

as we pass dying vagrants on each curb,

we whisper our song-tune to one another,

it is great and boundless, vapid and dull,

sunken like ships from dark watch doom,

feral and rotten, wistless and buffooned,

it is in this chasm, our hearts line in sight

of each other, every corpulent hug a skip

to the next one, a monkey’s paw trapped

about dirt with a hand glance sad trance,

masterfully whipped and blooding verbs

sank and sunk, attached to our lung’s eye,

we are the struggles of modern lighting

troubles, our presence a comedic routine

sat perfunct and perfuse, at a late night

dive bar, anachronistic our every move,

it is in this chasm, that I am grateful for

you, for your chatter morning teeth face,

plodding math return, sunken wet eyes

wishing for one more try, late night boor

beauty, snapped in ambrosia, lovely, wit

and brain sanctity, love beats me bloody

about your presence, I hand hold hell all

of it hard, until you return safe and saving

~ by Shawn M. Young on June 5, 2019.

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