Sham(e)less Donation Page

Here are some facts:

As a writer with two degrees, I am poor. Like negative six-figures poor.

I have no other job but writing. It is my sole or soul (see what my degree has done for me?) income.

When I am not writing content for businesses, I am writing for other reasons.

You can’t spell write without writer… okay, that wasn’t very good.

I’ve never owned a pet bunny.

The name of my blog is an anagram I made using vulgar words. I forgot which ones.

Here is a donate button so that you can help me further my career as a writer and help prevent me from ever having to work in the public sector again. I promise that I will remain drunk and disorderly the entire time.

Donate Button

You are surely a beautiful person, and I am positive that someone is proud of you for something.

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