Kindred Matters

Snowy blanket rapture and fawn,

felt like MA, looked gray, bleak,

lightéd sky, sufficient enough,

my car’s reproach gurgle, cough,

in the market, wan, periphery

colors, and wasted human bodies,

the lane empty, stipends pay

nary enough for this, and a voice

rings out, like 1738 cobblestone

masses, horses ca-chunking,

listen to the birth of us in Ohio,

a carriage into the huddled hands,

poor and migrant, new life bellow,

stupefied my head, replenish my

heart, and I will be careful in the

snow, and I will have a nice day,

and I would like to save $5, and

I thank you for helping me if,

yet, you will never know, and

the car waited, no tsk, no neigh,

click’d and beaut, awash with

glee, transfixed on care, to a

home melted, safe as you say,

t’home I sprang, alee and away

~ by Shawn M. Young on January 28, 2022.

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