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In the darkness,

the light inside

brightly glows


I’ve Not Heard Brautigan Speak; I Aim to Keep it That Way

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Pluses and minuses, sssnakes’
passive plaintiff, a fortress
of self, wrapped and warped,
clung to plastic windows

the last man to die that day,
a victim of human ignorance,
of society and its painted
posies, masticated by guns,

bravery left in magnanimity,
soldiers stacked, bloody,
each year another forgets,
until facts distort, none left

but I won’t draw the blinds,
left aglow, washed in winter’s
bleak love, I will watch and
wilt, under blank thoughts,

and passive sunshine, in a
great whim, pitchforks win
each fight, and the gravel in
my voice stings each vowel,

but I am still here, bereft and
soft, wishing for the pain
to take its leave, hike up the
hill and stick a tent below

the stars sat watching glossy
gears twist and spin inside
the mechanical box, patches
inside patches, painted lips

singing my praise, for each
night I wrap up tight, glimmer
and shimmer, votive neckties,
I will remember the bolo tie,

and Australia, and the Wild
West, swirling smoke, wispy
hair, sacrosanct austerity, hands
like mitts, and I will thank

each day for your heart, and
your smile, and your teeth,
and your ethereal spirit, and
your laugh, and your stern love

No Lament, Just Life

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Here’s a poem I wrote, and didn’t edit, in shitty, uneven, and mostly-un-rhyming couplets.


If I was on a lake,
placid and cool,

I could steer away this
serious darkness,

for lonely reasons,
my brain’s corrupted,

lasting impressions,
napalm lit soul,

if I could smell the
crashing water,

cold, crisp autumn
leaves asunder,

inside my dreary
charred hide,

I could live here,
longer still,

but the couch is
dry, listless, drab,

colored naturally in
baseless sanctimony,

not vapor sinking my
last wishes,

no love from steely-
eye fishes,

just silence, jets’ sky

and languid, vapid
living, without you

Timeworn Ways

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for there was love,

which held us tight,

wrapping us taut,

keeping us warm,

love, love, a truest

song, eldest bards,

love song dancing

on our lips, ancient

and beautiful, love

the warmest suit,

the dastardly fiend,

hugging and hitting,

tasting our tears,

and pushing vanity

into the sea, love

the hovering bird,

looking for prey,

consuming, enjoy,

love, angry youth,

mounted warrior,

flail-etched death,

morphing into hate,

as weakness climbs

ivy, the sun burns,

hearts still bleed,

love, an angry, foul,

memory, forgotten

and sunken, lime

tongued prince,

sitting stolid, man

a soldier, salted

sanguine sap, lust

larping, harping,

for greater means,

soaked in reason,

sacrifice sung bland,

all a fucking word

More Than a Shitty Title

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I think of your smile, and the wilting

flowers, dancing around in the glass,

succumbing to the sound of pity, to

the sound of disgust, glancing blows

from madness, from cups thrown to

the living room with no catcher, the

rubber you left on the road, a child

until the end, but even I won’t wish

you ill, belittle your best efforts in

the same way you have me, I won’t

be the person you grew into, lifeless

without your god, circumcised life,

coiled in the trash, spat upon, flies

forming, dead fish stink, crashing a

party, thrown into a pool, you see?

That blue room, with the intentions

of greater gods, striped, gall, vases

full of piss water, ashtrays static fly

wasted wandering cantrip waitress

skunking nagging, and I still learned

to swim, I still tread, wallow swine

pig, and your life moved on without

your victims, the tragedy I will not

name, and I will not forgive, never,

your life will burnout, and I’ll lock

the seal, branded with wax, trappings

of ill-will, so enjoy your new world,

child-adult, enjoy your bullshit life,

inactive ion, atom bomb move along,

I got what I could, enjoy the painting

New Book Now in Print

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How cool is this? Took a while to set up, but now available in print. Thanks!

Cold Hands


New Poetry Book

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Direct Link: Cold Hearts and Warm Hands