Liberté, égalité, fraternité

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As France mourns,

so does the world.

The sad truth is expose,

as men die in repose.

It’s a sad truth,

in the place we live,

when a coward with a gun,

fears a man with pen.

No holy warrior are you,

but a sad and ignorant fool.

Terrible vision distorts your view,

but the free will continue to rule.

Satire is not inspiration for murder.

Early in the Morning

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Feeling alone feels worse with no alternative; the waves whispered misery.


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When you remember,

your most favorite event,

your happiest times,

your fevered worries,

your trauma and pines,

what speed is it in?


Does it come without warning

in the slightest of moments,

at the peak of joy,

in the heat of pitch,

when no one is watching,

or do you share out loud?


I remember.

As a boy, I tried.

As a man, I tried harder.

As a memory, I hope to succeed.

No matter what speed you choose.

It’s pale lengths of furrowed fantasy grasp tight.



Social Media Stinks

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Stop trying so fucking hard

to create things out of things that made you happy once.

Every time you make false effort,

it smells like rotting fucking fish.

Look to the future for your ground,

relish the world around you,

find your stance and continue all of the great things that are still to come.

Your life is more than the things that you once loved,

the person you were less than a year ago.

It’s just too bad you will never see.


Wear a silly hat and smile at a stranger. It’ll feel far better than bullshit remediation.


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As easy it is to forget,

remembering is harder.

For to forget is as natural

as it is to love.

But to be able to remember,

requires an ache.


An ache to carry on, to stop…

and to not repeat when doing so

would cause pain.

An ache to hold those near to us

against the light in our thoughts.

An ache to hang those we lost on the highest cloud,

and to look, and to smile.

An ache that burns deep inside,

one that we should welcome,

one that comes with creeping pain that,

at first,

is unwanted, but is necessary to

move on.

An ache that is tangible and ever-moving.

An ache that gives us the sight in the morning,

the reason to get up,

and the power to try again.

An ache that is less a thorn in our foot,

and more a feeling of contentment and contemplation.

An ache that follows us down a long, dark hall,

holding our hand,

whispering softly,

and guiding us away from our sorrow.

An ache is what we need

when we have nothing else.

An ache in our heart is what keeps us



Hold tight to your ache,

whatever it may be,

because once it’s gone,

no truth in this life

will endure to set you free.

Diminutive Dustbin

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As it was in the beginning,

as it will always be.

In the end,

the only thing that changes

is me.


No matter the smell,

sound, feeling or grasp,

even if the night

were to never last.


After glows,


laughs, and flax,

the you,

that you know now,

will be gone…

as quick as that.


So hold tight

to those you love,

and chide

those you hate.

Because when we

close our eyes,

one last time,

all we are is

earthworm bait.


teet teet

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Like a mating call:

The peeps and bleeps

of carrying teets,

and smiles and style

of hand and feet,

when once the world

made simply of sheets

held tight to us amidst

smells of heat, and

when our peds caress

the each, my heart and

head stand tense a peace,

for every time we whoop and jeep

no one hears, not even the sheep.


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