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Then I think, “More is never enough,” —

a kingdom comes crashing, the duality

of my thoughts and my presence washes

over strangers like a rainwater in a dirty

bowl — sheets hanging in the wind, a

fleeting thought about my friend, a long

time reflected in the puddle — and for

a single second, the world turns a little

bit slower — I acquiesce and delight in

the time that I have earned, even if the

mother herself doesn’t know she grants

returns on favors — flowers sighted, a

fox jumps in and out of hedgerows, bees

sting my toes as I whisper through the

grass — my moment everlasting; and for

those in my life, we blend in motion and

forget all of our cares — woe and mourn

are never welcome here, we won, after all.

The Irascible

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Wrought with enigma, a young leader weeps.

Woe be to her, the angel cries herself to sleep.

Belittled and sarcastic, Postmen anger in the morning light.

Trouble-man and estuary keep us all in identical states.

Poles and transcendence, men of great power share ilk with even youth.

They group at the never and fasten your collar.

Package delivery, even at night, is welcomed and true.

Trim your mustache and smile.

Our paths will cross again.

Let love seal the unity.

Take my hand, and I will warm your steps.

It’s morning, and the birds are all South.

But the work continues, whether you are tall or short.

This, in months, will be new again.

Honey and liquor are our soothers.

The packet is full, and we brought the oars.

She is our breath — lumens.

(Poem Inspired by John Ashbery)


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Don’t stifle their excitement; ham-on rye,

sham-on high; spell the words out,

lance them with a needle,

shatter the shadows,

you’re alone,

peal back,

you can,

I am.

Belittle men, pamper your women, tamp fires.



never done,

pushing the trees,

angering the elder gods,

harboring the cape and circling,

avid warrior, shaped betrayer, ax in hand,

blood tastes of iron, polish your blade; glory.

Last Day to Get My First Chapbook Free

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Today is the last day to grab my first chapbook for free — until midnight PST, I do believe.

Here’s the link:



The rest of my Amazon chapbooks can be found here:


As always, thanks for reading and supporting my work.


Egyptian Grave Robbers

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Relax in your skin, aboriginal beauty,

long-toothed materialistic lady, saturated

rock face, your maternal bells ring-a-

ding in your head, and you’ve only

just begun to experience the night: a

rapid ascension into outer space – lag

basted into a comet’s tail. Oh, majestic

one, comb your hair with the fish-gut,

scum-smut; angry knowledge doesn’t

suit you; it’s an ugly skin suit; a flavor

of coffee that you refuse outright; rain

coming down, splatting on your new do;

you’re not going to die here, you’ll

float in the water: buoy and preserver

of all life, of everything on paper, wasp

stinger, scant and slight and grated

and topped off with cherries, creamed

together with vinegar, your taste buds

alight with youthful memories, your Ib,

your Sheut, the mirror isn’t the same on

both sides; jumping around on heated

soil, you can use it; mimesis; gaze upon

yourself from this vantage, we can see

you, too, forgotten one, nubile innocent

girl, questioner of values, castigate of

burning villages and melting skin, use

not the fear and sadness inside your own

beating heart, we ease all encumbrance;

so enjoy your gate, your throne, your crown,

our hand an ensign for safe travels, we

we’ll guide you through the gull, ooze and

slime, shaded meadows, sunny rocks;

trust in us and we shall arrive, remain

trapt inside your head and waste away

on the sand; let us thrive, symbiosis, we

are the gratitude all others lack; keep us.

Poetry Chapbook Free on Amazon

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Currently, my first poetry chapbook is free on Amazon.  It should remain that way until Wednesday!

Here’s a link for the download! Enjoy!



New Chapbook Available on Amazon

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Thanks to all of the continued support (which includes you!), I have produced my fourth chapbook.

Titled “Nature and Man,” this collection of poems explores how man and nature work together and sometimes collide in the process. I enjoyed putting it together, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thank you,


Chapbook 4: Tessera: Nature and Man

Chapbook 4 Cover


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