Taught, Teach, Taunt

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It’s tautological,

an impermanence.

Decrying style,

hatred, subscription,

rhetoric, irrefutable…

you obscure the facts,

your brain numb, but

saying that you don’t like

rap, is a racist, drug war

sentiment. Or, your

personal culture is

fucked. Just like

your opinion. Just

like mine.


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“The world is full of things that upset people. But most of us deal with it and move on and don’t try and burn the planet down. There is no right in the world not to be offended. That right simply doesn’t exist. In a free society, an open society, people have strong opinions, and these opinions very often clash. In a democracy, we have to learn to deal with this.”

–Salmon Rushdie

Published Poem

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Digital copy for now. Print copy out soon. It’s on page 11. Enjoy!

In Bloom…

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The entire world,

should have May to rest.

To seek a higher meaning,

from the majesty of spring.

Its grace and beauty,

forgives you of your winter sins…

The rebirth and reform,

carry you to your next


Don’t be a Blockhead

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“He who ne’er learns his ABC, forever will a blockhead be.”

– New England Primer, 1737


Spring Motor Oil

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The sound of spring,

in a small town,

is the noise of

1,000 lawnmowers

working together,

in unison;

a united front,

to keep the grass

perfect and trim,

unlike the men

pushing the machines.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

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As France mourns,

so does the world.

The sad truth is expose,

as men die in repose.

It’s a sad truth,

in the place we live,

when a coward with a gun,

fears a man with pen.

No holy warrior are you,

but a sad and ignorant fool.

Terrible vision distorts your view,

but the free will continue to rule.

Satire is not inspiration for murder.


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