Incurable Alley Cats

•August 5, 2022 • 2 Comments

I remember the ashtray,

hard against the wall,

flung like fury and ire,

but I know what she

was doing, when she

cried at night, and at

the movies alone all

the time, philosophy

like a song of futile

Marxists, nihilism a

badge of honor for

the proletariat heart,

then the other one

died, then my other

one died, then the

new other died in

a careless act that

caused the fire to

burn bright, like

the cemetery at dawn,

tombstones like torches,

in the amber glow,

each sun a burning

fiery pit, each finger

printed with indelible

pandering, cloth and

smoke are our human

souls, rotating around

one another in succinct

waste, satellites waiting

in line, harbinging

what is next, that we

are next, the next one,

next to the one, whether

the careless one, or the

accidental one, our

smoke arises bright and

warm, our glare a new

lament for how we

were treated, so put

the pen down, and find

your one, then hold on,

for this one may be the…

I Move Among Them

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Little pebbles dripping,

running window panes,

and I breathe in the lust

of drudgery as each pull

their path to the sill, still

I am, lump and frump,

while the grass grows

to the moon, and each

moment of solitude I

age eons waiting for a

final change, awakening

and finally awake, like

this place, nestled among

fields of corn, the safest

I have yet to feel since

birth long ago, when

no one was there and I

was left to wonder woe

Cannon Fodder

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Its sickness is weakness,

a fire blurting out loud,

at night when the heat

eats my heart, it asks

my loneliness by name,

shaming me, berating

me, and yet I persist,

every day after night’s

warning, a flicker of

translucency into me,

I slot another quarter,

and dance to the music,

callow as always, my

rebellion, my youthful

ways, I sink into torpor,

and crawl the dream-

scape carrion bellies,

like a parasite, like man,

brown and white under

hazy skies I fall like

cloud death angels,

succinct and talented

at life’s follies and joy,

simply one more time

Cold April Manics

•April 29, 2022 • 2 Comments

April’s clutches contemptable
apartment, forsaken garden
plains, dastardly marionettes
our dance sunken like crashed

ships set alight, jagged hooks
grapple flesh, the light is warm
there, though, the bathroom
a beacon for your joy and woe,

I connect the moles on your back,
Venus crashing into Jupiter, a
column I press my lips into as
the shower presses its nose upon

us, the laugh you let out, your
skin my solitude, April is just
the start, I think, I smile at you
in the mirror, our eyes kiss

in delight, our hearts meld tough,
if only mornings felt always true,
let’s hold hard and forget the dead,
next is the sky, blight-mark planets

Sleep Evil

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The madness of night,

snow-driven cold,

universal melancholy,

my heat releasing mist,

stammer and pulsing,

my language fleeting,

palliative care for

sick hearts, signing

the stars with blood,

sanguine, I wait in the

bank for sweet release,

eye mind blink drunk,

trampled at a circus,

a fire down the hall,

tempting, lusting, fair,

mending and callow,

cool, pulsing fury, piano

solos, hammer beats,

never a sun, never

iterate emotions in,

unimaginative art sales,

cholera victims lament

pens ink dry, carrion

mandibles useful unlike

me, static in white,

rapids sinking me

ever further still,

emotional vampires,

bastions of empirical

hegemony, beliefs

are just so, and in the

flooding, amoral

citizens running

machines, running

from impiety, dug

in, digging in, lost

in the ebony crest,

like I am, like you

are ever still

Trading Trains for Planes

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Originally Posted 11/10/16.

In a town not so far away,

I remember a night in fall,

away in a fair, my bladder

about to burst, in random

moments for cull and come,

I shatter that time with the

hammer of the lords, a tame

memory by far and a day,

but now it’s like a dream I

had when I was ten, and a

car ran me over and I laughed

at death, and the crashing

sound from the yard wasn’t

a window broken from a

passing bum, and it wasn’t

the memory of a girl drunk,

fighting and writhing in the

grass, and it wasn’t my baby

creams; reruns and a prosperous

valley, comely and shad, perch

and walleye, the taste of Ohio

beer and a face that I love

in hail and harvest, a horse

haws and falls, our domicile

heated with fire, new and

just the smell of us, a brick

through the window of nostalgia,

the milk and honey of life

so true, let’s waltz into the

purple skylight and drink

wine until we throw up; but

when the night sweats and we

look for familiar hands, the

silence will take new shape;

when once a horn erupted and

shook us angry, now the

heat of aviation fuel, contrailing

across the sky does us justice;

we traded trains for planes

and the wine tastes the same:

the morning’s cold lit ablaze

under the thumb of grace.


•February 22, 2022 • 4 Comments

In the bottom of the sea, deeply

quiescent the waves crashing

sharply above us, atop my hand –

yours, blue is the heart of the

waking days, crisp, acute, glib

eyes, sunken treasures dotting

the seafloor, breathe my heart

into yours, let’s wander eternal

in hope for life and lust, dream

angel, aquatic beauty, lover and

love evermore, let the serenity

and quietude absolve us of sin,

grasp the living light and swim

hard against the current, our

topside awaits us, invites us in,

caresses our hair in the sacred

nighttime, one, we are here amid

the still-life, separate bodies only

Upon Viewing Photos From the 1980s

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Laugh in the morning, a key less

entry – a code for multitudes – for

tonight we ember and burn bright

like effigy, an alleyway towards

trash bins, open lid panelscapes,

Windows 95, the process of

foods, of wonder, of organized

disorganization, bikini bottoms

as shorts, in this weather? In

this century? no ubermensch,

no alpha warden cranktop cum

sash-wearing king-o-the-prom

date rape comte, satisfied on

Bud Light (in the old cans),

winter bright light satisfied,

sufficiency back after tragedy,

blacktop the death of man and

the warmth of women, axed,

swidden, lumberyards filled

with stolen trees, we only breathe

pollution here, alien wardens

of the weekend malaise, trap

door spider sings me a song

while upon my cheek, whistles

it so sweet, whiskers tickle me,

warping me its home in the

jungle copse, midden crankcase

a calling card for ogres, and the

car door opens, lighted cancer

dripping from its fangs, toss

me aside, I think, toss me with

the other others, and forget my

number, pink caustic droplets

a snag in the walkway, phone

my family, they’ll speak shit

into your ear about me, they’ll

leave me here with the bandersnatch,

this lux 80’s nightmare, cross

me out, turn me into nightmares,

and bury me the ash of cities

afterglow cancer show, pallative

Kindred Matters

•January 28, 2022 • 1 Comment

Snowy blanket rapture and fawn,

felt like MA, looked gray, bleak,

lightéd sky, sufficient enough,

my car’s reproach gurgle, cough,

in the market, wan, periphery

colors, and wasted human bodies,

the lane empty, stipends pay

nary enough for this, and a voice

rings out, like 1738 cobblestone

masses, horses ca-chunking,

listen to the birth of us in Ohio,

a carriage into the huddled hands,

poor and migrant, new life bellow,

stupefied my head, replenish my

heart, and I will be careful in the

snow, and I will have a nice day,

and I would like to save $5, and

I thank you for helping me if,

yet, you will never know, and

the car waited, no tsk, no neigh,

click’d and beaut, awash with

glee, transfixed on care, to a

home melted, safe as you say,

t’home I sprang, alee and away

No Title

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Crows rule the winter sky,

treetop murderers writing

blood sonnets with terror,

singing their songs like

alerting guard dogs, open

season on all that move,

then in spring, like cliché,

new birds take over and

beckon growth, renewal,

warmth, this is the cycle

of dead states in seasons,

this is the meaning when

meaning is meaningless,

cackle and growl, pore

over each word, your eyes

will become carrion delight,

and away you’ll fly in a

crow’s full belly, destiny

is but a laughing miscreant

standing over you, fist tight